Community Support & Partnerships

Tiwai Pointer

NZAS views its relationships with its local community as fundamental to its success.

NZAS is committed to building enduring relationships with our neighbours based on mutual respect, active partnership and long-term commitment.

We do this by establishing and maintaining relationships that contribute positively to the quality of life where we live and work, and by supporting partnerships that are mutually beneficial and deliver long-term sustainable results.

Southland Girls' High School student takes an aluminum sample from a reduction cell as part of the annual education partnership between the school and NZAS.

NZAS sponsorships & donations programme

We are excited to support our local community and invite Southland-based non-profit organisations to apply for funding ($5k maximum) towards the following:

  • Health and safety initiatives
  • Education programmes
  • Sport, recreation and wellbeing activities that support a healthy and active community
  • Cultural activities that promote inclusion and diversity
  • Initiatives that raise awareness of, protect and enhance the environment, and
  • Activities that acknowledge significant days/events to encourage community connection.

There will be two funding rounds for 2022 closing on 30 June and 30 September.  Please see the guidelines/application form for details.  Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee approval.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Carson, Specialist Communities, NZAS ( or 03 218 5440).

NZAS Sponsorships & Donations Programme Guidelines

NZAS Sponsorships & Donations Programme Application Form

Southland Girls' High School Educational Partnership

The partnership between Southland Girls' High School (SGHS) and NZAS is designed to encourage female students to pursue careers within the engineering and science fields. NZAS hosted four SGHS students in 2008 as part of the pilot education partnership. The pilot was such a huge success that it is held annually.

The first two days of the girls' seven-day placement is spent undertaking inductions on site, spending time with a number of female employees to gain career advice, and participating on a plant tour. Following the induction, the students then spend the next week working on their chosen projects including gathering, testing and analysing data. At the end of the project week they present their project findings.

Take a look at TV3's Newshub coverage of the 2016 SGHS NZAS placement.

We are very proud that the NZAS/SGHS partnership won the 'Community Initiative of the Year' category of the 2018 Deloitte Energy Awards.  This is our full entry explaining the partnership and the value it brings to the girls who undertake the projects, their school Southland Girls' High School and NZAS.

NZAS Southland Science & Technology Fair

NZAS has been the major sponsor of the annual NZAS Southland Science & Technology Fair since 2003. The smelter not only provides sponsorship, but also provides a number of judges, administration support and an NZAS employee is on the committee.

Students ranging from Years 5 to 13 are required to investigate a topic of their choice using a scientific method of hypothesis, method, test and conclusions.

For further information, please visit:

Cultural Heritage

NZAS has identified 27 cultural heritage sites located on land owned and managed by the smelter.

They include European burials and structures, as well as Maori sites such as middens/ovens, burials and an adze (pictured right) workshop.

Wahi tapu, wahi taoka and mahinga kai are also present on Tiwai Peninsula. A Cultural Heritage Management System Plan is in place.